Kiel Lillibridge

Sales Manager | Loan Officer

Kiel has 10 years’ experience in the mortgage industry from managing different branches and regions to overseeing operations. His father, Curt Lillibridge, has owned and operated mortgage companies for 25 years. His brothers, Cameron and Riley, also share a long history of working in residential lending. The Lillibridge Group is truly about providing a hands on, out of the box thinking, ultimate loan experience. The knowledge Kiel has gained from working with his family has helped him provide tremendous value to his clients and real estate partners. His goal is to always look at the entire financial picture and set his clients up for success both now and in the future. His team is skilled at structuring all types of loans including residential, conventional, investment, FHA, VA, USDA, down payment assistance options. He has gained complete trust from his clients, real estate agents, investors and colleagues which has been rooted in his deep knowledge of lending and real estate.

His branch helped over 225 families in 2018 from home purchases to refinances. His team does that with dedication and consistency in always providing a phenomenal lending experience for clients.

Curt Lilibridge

Branch Manager

Mike boyle

Loan Officer

My wife Amy and I have three amazing boys. I feel privileged each day knowing that I’m their father and Amy’s husband. The 4 of them mean everything to me. My commitment to my family, who I am, and what I do is my driving force in life & in business, and forges my commitment to our team’s clients.

Cameron Lillibridge

Loan Officer | Processor

Lisa Maxey

Loan Officer

Riley Lillibridge

Loan Officer | Processor

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