Don’t Wait to Figure Out Your Options

The most common thing that happens when someone starts the process of buying a home is that they meet with a real estate agent first. They then start looking at homes before going over the financing options.

3 Pitfalls In Waiting To Get PreApproved:


  1. What is the budget? The worst thing to do is find your dream home and then find out its not in your monthly payment budget or that you don’t have the down payment budgeted for. Know what your budget is ahead of time so that you can begin looking at homes that fit that budget.
  2. Be ready to submit an offer. If you are haven’t met with your lender and been preapproved, it can cause delays on getting an offer submitted. More importantly, it can make your offer look weak if you have not yet been through something like our FastTrac Underwriting Approval.
  3. Make sure you are qualified. We want you to have confidence that you not only are within your budget but that you are 100% qualified. Our FastTrac Underwriting Approval allows you to have peace of mind and know your financing is fully approved.



We often meet with our best clients as far as a year out from when they are wanting to buy.

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